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There are many reasons why cleaning and sealing your deck and exterior wood is important. Your deck is an extension of your home, a place to entertain guests or just relax with the family. We all want our decks to look nice but to do it correctly, it takes time, patience and knowledge. To take the guess work out of it, hire a professional deck care company to do it. A professionally maintained deck can last decade’s and add value to your home. We take pride in our work and we leave your highest expectations satisfied every time. If you don’t protect your deck or exterior wood over time exposure to the elements can lead to graying, splitting or mold & mildew growth on your exterior wood which will cause decaying. Protect your investment with our deck cleaning and wood restoration service that brings back the natural beauty to your deck or exterior wood.



Ready Seal Color Chart

A lot of contractors add theRSLOGO power washing / deck cleaning service without proper knowledge of wood care and sealers.  We are certified “Ready Seal”  wood care contractors and experienced in all types of decking; pressure treated, cedar, redwood, epei and trex / composites. Ready Seal is the leading wood preservation company in the world, quality isn’t expensive it’s priceless.

A few things to think about before you have your deck cleaned. What type of stain do you want, transparent to show the natural grain of the wood or a solid to match the decor of your home? If you choose to have Affordable SoftWash take care of your deck cleaning or wood care we make the process a lot easier by bringing  samples  of color choices and let you know the benefits of

either choice.


We use a three step method to safely and professionally restore every deck we’ve done in the last twenty years.

  • 1st step – We use an airless sprayer to apply our deck restoration chemical “Renew” onto all surfaces of the deck. It’s given time to dwell and work it’s way into the grain of the wood before a light brushing is applied to further loosen stubborn contaminants.
  • 2nd step –  We then wash the deck with low pressure, no more than 800 to 1000 PSI. Our competition uses anywhere from 3000 to 5000 PSI which will raise the grain of the wood, cause splintering and greatly shorten the life of the deck.
  •  3rd step – Our third and most important step is applying the Brightner, this not only helps bring the wood back to its original honey tone but also opens the pores of the wood enabling the new sealer to fully penetrate and bond with the deck. This step is critical for maximum UV protection and the longevity of the life of the sealer.


Deck before / after
Before and after cleaning, before the Brightener.


Then for the sealer  and how it is applied , every job is different. Affordable SoftWash prides itself in sending out three man seal crews to make sure your home and landscaping is completely protected. We only use electronic state of the art deck sprayers that saturates the wood with an even, uniform application of sealer. You will never see us sealing / protecting a deck with a pump up sprayer!

Deck Sealing

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