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Why Hire Professional Power Washer?

Professional pressure washers have the right equipment to make a job go fast and efficient. They also have the knowledge and routines in place to do the work without having to think through each step. A good pressure washing company will get your home or business clean and sparkly quickly, with no hassle at all.

First things first, who do you hire? Do you call the guy with the cheapest price because you don’t want to spend too much on pressure washing your home? That is not a smart move. You get what you pay for, and a pressure washer, who isn’t good at what he does can leave a lot of damage in his wake that you will have to get fixed. What you really need to look for, is someone with good references, reasonable rates, and a verifiable history of good results. Let Affordable SoftWash  Solutionsthat’s been in business for 29 years give provide with professional service.

Commercial Parking Lot Maintenance

Parking areas pose a huge problem with oil, grease, radiator & transmission fluid and more. All the stains lead to unsightly areas and can damage the concrete over time. Don’t let this happen to your parking lot we have the solution for you. Contact Affordable SoftWash Solutions today!Continue Reading

Commercial Power Wash

Is your establishment looking tired and neglected, diverting away customers? We power wash your storefronts, restaurants, banks, drive-thrus, industrial parks, loading docks, gas stations, c-store, hotels, condos, association and apartment complex, to keep them looking fresh. We want your customers to have a positive first impression of your business.Continue Reading

New Year, New Beginnings!

Our lovely customer from Potomac, MD has fulfilled one of their New Year’s resolution. Their lovely home was in need of a new roof, but then their shingles did not match the roof’s color. Our technicians from Affordable SoftWash Solutions applied CAL-BRITE Solutions for wood restoration. Then, they were able to perform a low-pressure rinse.…Continue Reading

Fight Against Algae Streaks!

The black streaks that you may see in some roofs or sidings are also known as black algae or roof mold. Technically, the black streaks on roofs are a form of algae known as Gloeocapsa Magma (blue-green algae). As you can already imagine, this is not safe nor pretty for your home. This algae is…Continue Reading

Gutter Cleaning Injuries..

 Thinking of cleaning your own gutters this fall? Why? Is it worth the risk and possible injury or worse to save a few dollars? Most homes on average cost between $125.00 – $175.00 to have them professionally cleaned and downspouts flushed to keep them functioning at their peak. Prevent ladder injuries or flooded basements by…Continue Reading

Happy Thanksgiving to All!

I would like to take a few minutes this Thanksgiving to thank all our loyal customers for 28 years of wonderful business, we couldn’t have done it without you! All of us here at Affordable Softwash wish you a Happy, Healthy Thanksgiving!Continue Reading

Is your home prepared for Thanksgiving?

As you prepare for the holidays, your first priority might be the menu for the day. But have you considered if your home is fully prepared for your guests? Since Thanksgiving is fast approaching and the weather is still decent, you might be considering having some guests enjoy the outdoors of your home. With that…Continue Reading

Commercial Cleaning in the Nation’s Capital

Affordable SoftWash Solutions had the opportunity to serve the Nation’s Capital by providing SoftWash services to the HVAC Cooling Towers. Not only do we provide services to local residents and communities, but we also provide commercial cleaning services to various types of businesses. There are always high standards and expectations when owning a business, especially…Continue Reading

Why Affordable SoftWash Solutions?

When browsing companies, you want to make sure that you contract the most trustworthy, highly-trained, and reliable company to do the right job for you! It can be tricky deciding on who to contract and you definitely need to do your research. To lighten up your homework, we have provided a quick chart of why…Continue Reading